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ESKOH - Beautiful Lady

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Dedicated to the Women's March in 2017, ESKOH's ballad single encouraging all women to feel their true beauty.


Beautiful Lady, thou has put the water in my eyes
'Cause I think maybe, baby, I have found the treasure of my life
'Cause the times you hold me close
Are the times I feel at home
Never let me go, Beautiful Lady
And every time you say my name
Never can I be the same
You make a grown man change, Beautiful Lady
'Cause your love it makes me go
Up high and down below
Searching for the way to your heart
And my only remedy is to have you next to me
Telling me we'll never be a part
As a lonely river flows into the sea
Find your rest from running in me
As a lonely river flows into her sea
She will find her peace with destiny
Yeah~ you're my Beautiful... you're my Beautiful... you're my Beautiful Lady

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